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Two more cases opened for the photo Nazis on the site "Immortal regiment"

The investigative Committee opened two criminal cases on the rehabilitation of Nazism due publication of photos of Nazis on the website of the project "Immortal regiment". This was reported by the official representative of Department Svetlana Petrenko.

As established investigators, the inhabitant of the Kemerovo Dmitry Borodaenko uploaded the "memory Bank" with a picture of Adolf Hitler, and Maxim Gusev from Perm — a photo of the traitor, of the SS Andrei Shkuro.

In the Kaliningrad region found fragments of the T-34

Kaliningrad searchers have found the place of death and fragments of the T-34, shot down in April 1945, and established the names of all crew members of combat vehicles, told reporters the head of the regional public organization of search engines "Conscience" Ruslan Khisamov.

"Continuing the search operation in the framework of the project "Historical Memory" we were able to detect the place of death of the crew of the T-34-85 of the first battalion of the 28th guards tank brigade. The tank was hit in battle 14.04.1945 year in the district of Lublin village of Zelenograd district of Kaliningrad region (former Seerappen)," said Khisamov.

The historian said the reason for the failure of the putsch against Hitler in 1944

Error of the conspirators, their indecision and tardiness have led to the fact that the only attempt to overthrow the power of the Nazis in Germany, which was accompanied by an assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler on 20 July 1944, failed, told RIA Novosti German historian, Professor at the Institute of the Friedrich Meinecke the Free University of Berlin Arnd Bauerkemper.

The conspiracy of July 20, also known as "operation Valkyrie", was planned by high-ranking officers of the Wehrmacht - the army of Nazi Germany. He called for the assassination of Hitler and overthrow the Nazi government. However, the bomb explosion in the rate of the "Wolfschanze" in East Prussia, which led to the deaths of four people, has not solved the problem with the elimination of the Nazi dictator - Hitler was only wounded. Supporting troops of the conspirators in Berlin were not successful. Most of the participants of the conspiracy were executed, their relatives arrested.

Lanovoy has proposed to hold a March "Immortal regiment" in the next year

People's artist of USSR, co-Chairman of the Central headquarters of the movement "Immortal regiment of Russia" Vasily Lanovoy offers to hold a March in the following year, on 9 may, his words are on the website of the movement.

Earlier it was reported that a March "Immortal regiment" on July 26 will not take place.

Shoigu thanked the Minister of defence of Serbia for participation in the Victory parade

The Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu sent a letter of thanks Serbian counterpart Alexander Volino for the participation of Serbian military delegation in the parade of Victory in Moscow.

The President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic at the head of the Serbian delegation attended the Victory parade on June 24 in Moscow. The Ministry of defence of Serbia sent 75 guardsmen who marched on the red square.

In the Belgorod region has opened a Museum about the heroism of the workers in the rear

The Museum "Battle weapons of the great Victory", which displays more than 2.5 thousand exhibits, was opened on Prokhorovka in Belgorod region, said on Sunday the press service of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation.

On the anniversary of the battle of Prokhorovka - the largest tank battles of the great Patriotic war, which is celebrated on 12 July, the Minister of culture of the Russian Federation Olga Lyubimova took part in the opening ceremony of the new Museum.

RAS approved the title of "City of labor valor" 20 cities

All the candidate cities for the title of "City of labor valor" received a positive conclusion of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

"We in the Department of historical-philological Sciences of the RAS held. Our leading institutions were involved, four of the Institute who are engaged in this. And all these cities are candidates given a positive conclusion," he said at a meeting of the Victory organising Committee academician-Secretary of the Department of history and Philology, Russian Academy of Sciences Valery Tishkov.

VTSIOM found that Russians liked the Victory parade

Most Russians who were present at the Victory parade or watched it on TV, like military equipment, the passage of troops and organization, according to a survey by VTSIOM.

According to the study, 61% of people watched the Victory parade, 59% of them watched the parade on TV, and 2% were personally present, 39% watched the parade.

Putin praised the security of the participants of the Victory parade in Russia

The safety of the participants of the Victory parade that took place on June 24 in 28 cities of Russia, was secured, which was attended by 58 thousand people, said the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

"In recent weeks, particular attention was paid to the health of servicemen, who were to take part in the parade on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Victory. These celebrations was waiting for the whole country", - Putin said on Tuesday during a video conference dedicated to the opening of the medical centers that were built for defense in some regions of the country.

Russia and Belarus will not allow you to belittle the importance of the Victory

Belarus and Russia will not allow anyone to belittle the importance of the Victory, to distort the truth about the events of world war II and to rehabilitate Nazism, said on Tuesday the Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko.

The President of the Republic on Tuesday on a working visit in Russia, where, together with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin participated in the opening ceremony of the memorial to Soviet soldiers near Rzhev. The broadcast of the ceremony led channel "Russia 24".

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