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The timing of the introduction of Russia's 5G network will not be transferred

The extension of national goals by 2030 will not affect the timing of the introduction in Russia of networks of the fifth generation, told reporters Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday signed a decree "On the national development of the Russian Federation for the period till 2030". Assistant to the President of Russia Maxim Oreshkin said that the Russian government within three months on the basis of signed by the President of the decree and prepare changes to national projects. Prime Minister of Russia Mikhail Mishustin earlier in July, proposed to extend the deadlines for achieving national targets by 2030.

"China will strike Europe": the United States began to finish globalization

The flagship of the American business press Wall Street Journal published a shocking insider from Beijing: according to information obtained from some Chinese sources, the PRC reportedly plans to punish European companies for sanctions against Huawei, which entered the US and the UK.

Estimated (at least, according to the American journalists) the logic of retaliation as follows. States actively put pressure on their European and British partners, as well as on all the countries that are somehow vulnerable to American blackmail, to force them to abandon production of the Chinese company Huawei, which unleashed the real diplomatic, economic and spy war. Behind bars in Canada was one of the senior managers of Huawei (which the US accused of crimes against us national interests), and the UK government has cancelled the previous decision, which gave the Chinese company an opportunity to play a key role in the development of 5G networks in the United Kingdom. "On the verge" of sanctions of a similar nature hold the EU countries, Germany in particular. The most important element of the "beliefs" of the Europeans in the desirability of the introduction of (often very expensive and always very toxic with the image point of view) sanctions that harm the business and infrastructure, is the presence of European companies that the United States are better and whose products can also be used in 5G networks. These companies — Nokia and Ericsson.

Every fourth Russian is not against the 5G, the study showed

Every fourth Russian is not against the introduction of 5G communication technology, however, wish the tower were located at a distance from his home, the study said the company "Delta security" at the disposal of RIA Novosti.

Opponents of 5G communication fear the impact of new technologies on human health and the environment. Such fears appear not only in Russia – for example, vandalism against the cell towers of the 5G standard reported in Britain, Poland, Bolivia and other countries. On Saturday, Deputy Minister of the Russian Federation Oleg Ivanov said that messages about the negative health and environmental consequences of communication of the fifth generation are unfounded: 5G will operate in the ranges close to when the previous generation of 4G/LTE, a significant difference in its impact on the environment will not.

Bolivian authorities asked them to halt attacks on communication towers

Bolivian authorities asked to stop the attack on a cell tower, begun by the citizens for fear of what 5G technology, which is supposedly implementing in the country, bear the risk of coronavirus, according to the newspaper El Deber.

Earlier in a major city Villa yapacaní (Department Santa Cruz) was destroyed four telecommunications towers. The attackers were convinced that the city introduced the 5G technology, which allegedly provokes an increase in diseases coronavirus.

A wave of vandalism against the towers 5G has come to Poland

A wave of vandalism against the cell towers of the 5G standard has come to Poland, Deputy Minister of Informatization of the country Wanda Beech.

"Within a few weeks we are witnessing the increasing "antiatomic" movements, which destroy telecommunications infrastructure. Two cases of arson masts cell towers which have been described in the media, unfortunately, is not the only one", - quotes the CBO Agency PAP.