Latest News - #"Deal of the century" in Israel and Palestine

Palestine has called for negotiations with Israel

Palestine ready to negotiate with Israel if its government refuses unilateral annexation of Palestinian land, the Agency WAFA.

"The state of Palestine is prepared after the termination of the annexation to negotiate on the basis of international legitimacy, under the auspices of the middle East Quartet (Russia, UN, USA, EU) or other countries," said Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in a telephone conversation with Prime Minister of Norway Erna Solberg.

UN calls to resume the middle East conflict

UN special coordinator for the middle East peace process Nikolay Mladenov urged the middle East Quartet (Russia, US, UN, EU), Israel, Palestine, Arab countries urgently to re-engage in resolving the Palestinian-Israeli issue.

"I reiterate the Secretary-General (UN – amended) to the members of the middle East Quartet, the Arab countries, the leadership of Israel and Palestine to urgently re-engage. We need to restart diplomacy," said Mladenov.

The foreign Ministry warned Israel against annexation of the Palestinian territories

Trying to spread Israeli sovereignty on the West Bank of the Jordan river not only put an end to the prospect of a two-state solution to the Palestinian problem, but also provoke new and dangerous round of violence in the region, said the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova on the briefing.

"We believe that trying to spread Israeli sovereignty in the Palestinian territory not only put an end to the prospect of a two-state solution, but is likely to provoke new and dangerous round of violence in the region, will further heat up the radical mood of protest," - said Zakharov.

Borrell warned of the consequences of the annexation of the West Bank for Israel

The possible annexation by Israel of Palestinian territories on the West Bank of the Jordan river will negatively affect its relations with the European Union, warned EU high representative for foreign and security policy of Josep Borrell.

"As a person, personally associated with the region, I have emphasized in private conversations with Israeli leaders and publicly that the annexation will jeopardize the good cooperation with Israel. We exactly do not want," wrote Borrell in his blog on the page of the foreign service of the EU. According to him, now on the contrary there is a possibility for closer cooperation between the EU and Israel in the interests of achieving stability in the middle East. "But we cannot and will not accept changes to the borders that existed before 1967, unless it is agreed by both parties to the conflict," said Borrell.

In OOP, called the timing of the annexation of the Palestinian territories

Israel can take practical steps for the annexation of the Palestinian territories in the framework of the so-called deal of the century on July 26, said Wednesday a member of the Executive Committee of the Palestine liberation Organization, Secretary-General of the Palestinian popular struggle front Ahmed al-Majdalani.

"According to the latest information, practical steps for the annexation of the Palestinian territories (by Israel) can begin approximately in the period from 26 to 30 July. We, of course, as the state of Palestine, will oppose," said al - Majdalani during the online meeting "Palestine: what's next?" organized with the support of the Institute of Oriental studies.

The United States called on Palestine to study the "deal of the century"

The United States urges the Palestinian leadership to carefully study the peace plan proposed earlier by Washington and invite you to cooperation, said at a meeting of the UN security Council the us permanent representative to the organization's Kelly Kraft.

"Not dismissing the hard work done by peacekeepers over the years, I think we can all agree with the fact that past attempts have not brought the parties to the peace. Spent countless dollars on international conferences and UN resolutions and statements on the issue. But little real progress... We call on the Palestinian leadership to carefully examine our vision and to interact with us," said Kraft.

Why the ROC can be deprived of the monastery with oak of Mamre in Hebron

The famous oak of Mamre in Hebron, where, according to the Bible, was first revealed to the trio, can take away from the Russian Orthodox Church. The Supreme court of Palestine cancelled the decree on the transfer of territory from the Shrine of the Moscow Patriarchate, referring to the ancient Islamic laws. In the ROC insist that this land belongs to her since the XIX century. The story unfolds on the background of aggravation of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, which participants bring to the region "utter chaos." About the past, present and future of the Russian shrines of Hebron — in the material RIA Novosti.

The area the locals call al-Maskubiya, that is Moscow. Every year it attracts hundreds of Russian pilgrims to pray at the Russian Holy Trinity monastery and to see that oak. Christians believe that at the foot of the prophet Abraham in the guise of three angels appeared in three persons (hypostases) of the Godhead.

The EU and the USA discussed the launch of the peace process in the middle East

The EU foreign Ministers meeting with U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo discussed the launch of the peace process in the middle East after a long break and called for the ability to use the American "deal of the century" to intensify international efforts in this direction, said at a press conference following the meeting, EU high representative for foreign and security policy of the EU, Josep Borrell.

"In the middle East we clearly stressed that at this stage it is important to encourage Israelis and Palestinians to trust a meaningful political process. We agreed that the plan the United States has created a certain momentum in the political process, which was suspended for too long a period. But this impulse can be used to start joint international efforts based on existing international agreements. We in the EU are willing to support and facilitate this process," said Borrell.