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"In shock": Vodonaeva commented on the failure of Ephraim to admit guilt in an accident

TV presenter Alain Vodonaeva commented on the refusal of Michael Efremova to plead guilty in a deadly accident in Central Moscow, comparing the trial of the case with the "circus". Appropriate post she posted in her Instagram.

"I'm in shock from the fact that the defense has decided to deny everything and say that Efremov remembers nothing. Why they decided to plead not guilty when witnesses proved the opposite? Sneering and over Ephraim, and over us," wrote the presenter.

Off the coast of the Khabarovsk territory is missing the boat

Yacht "Lady", on Board which can hold three people went missing in the Tatar Strait off the coast of the Khabarovsk territory, in search of her flew the helicopter with rescuers, informs the regional Glaucus Ministry of emergency situations of Russia.

The ship, EN route from the village of white Salmon in Sovetskaya Gavan, disappeared on July 31, but it has become known only now.

Degtyarev responded to reports of officials flying business class

Acting Governor of Khabarovsk Krai Mikhail Degtyarev has denied the information of some media that he has allowed officials to fly business class on business trips.

Earlier there were reports that the Degtyarev in his Instagram said that the Khabarovsk Ministers must often fly to Moscow in mission to defend the interests of the region. In this regard, he invited residents to Express an opinion about, "how many billions of rubles to attract the Minister or the Chairman of the Krai government, so we compensate him for travel in business class?". Its predecessor Sergey Furgal has banned officials to fly on business trips in business class at the expense of the regional budget.

Media: on the body of the deceased in Sredneuralskaya convent girl found injuries

In the body of 15-year-old girl, who died in Sredneuralskaya convent from cancer, found injuries, according to the portal "Ekaterinburg-online".

Currently the body is on it is judicial-medical examination.

Sberbank is testing a system for detecting people in high-rise buildings

Sberbank is testing one of its offices a system for detecting people in places of their mass congestion or large multi-storey buildings using the technology of augmented reality (AR), plans to start its commercial operation in 2021, RIA Novosti press-service of the Bank.

The Bank, according to Rospatent, has developed a technical solution, which allows with high accuracy to find people in places of a mass congestion of people, or large high-rise buildings, which they shouldn't be. After detection, the system offers the quickest route to the location of the "intruder". The system uses the tools of augmented reality and 3D modeling, the program can be used in the special AR glasses with an integrated camera.

Named the maximum refreshing summer coffee

Maximum cheerfulness in the hot season you can extract from a special variety of coffee, nitro coffee. How is it different from the classic version and why not everyone can drink it, told in an interview to radio Sputnik coffee blogger Olga Ignatieva.

Nitro coffee is a kind coffee with the addition of nitrogen. The use of cooking strong coffee, cold brewing, which is saturated with an inert gas through the equipment which is used in beer industry. This is done to improve the taste characteristics of the drink and give it a special texture, which is typical of bottles of beer, said Olga Ignatieva.

Trump said that Russia doesn't want his re-election

The US President Donald trump said that Moscow does not want his re-election for a second term because "no one was so tough with Russia," as he is.

Among his achievements, which, in his opinion, not like Russia, trump called the strengthening of the armed forces, increased spending on NATO, and sanctions against Russian pipelines.

The chair called the Crimea "Ukrainian"

Actor and showman Nikita Dzhigurda in the air YouTube channel "vs Vласть Vлащенко" called Crimea "legally Ukrainian."

"Legally, the Ukrainian Crimea is actually Russian, that's my position," said Dzhigurda.

In Tambov in the collision of the truck with the bus, injuring five people

The truck collided with a bus in Tambov, five passengers were hospitalized, told RIA Novosti the representative of management of traffic police UMVD across the Tambov region.

According to the interlocutor, the accident occurred on Friday around 21.00 MSK at the intersection of Tverskaya and the Boulevard Enthusiasts.

Siluanov praised the decision by the Fitch's rating of Russia

The decision of the Agency Fitch confirms the rating of Russia testifies to the sustainability of its macroeconomic structures even in the turbulent external environment, told reporters Finance Minister Anton Siluanov.

On Friday, the Agency Fitch affirmed the long-term sovereign Issuer default rating of Russia at "BBB" with a stable Outlook.

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