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In Russia, for the 44 day put out a forest fire

Rescuers in Russia in days eliminated 44 forest fire on the area of more than 6.7 thousand hectares, reported by Avialesookhrana.

A day earlier it was reported 47 per day extinguished forest fires.

Experts have told how SMS scammers steal money from the Russians

Fraud intercept SMS messages from the Bank appeared almost immediately after this a way of confirming money transfer has become one of the main. Is it popular in Russia is a fraud who is subject to such attacks and what security measures banks take, RIA Novosti was told by the experts in the field of information security.

To intercept TEXT messages from the Bank to confirm transactions, attackers reissue the SIM card. In the language of cybersecurity this kind of attack is called a SIM swap, says head of information security", SearchInform" Alex Drozd.

The doctor told me, who is useless to pass a test for antibodies to COVID-19

In regions where now there is a growth in the number of infected, there is no point starting a massive free testing for antibodies to coronavirus. About this in an interview with the portal "Ura.ru" said, head of laboratory at research Institute of vaccines and sera them. Mechnikov Mikhail Kostinov.

In his opinion, to test for antibodies to COVID-19 need among the inhabitants of those regions, which already passed the peak incidence.

The family of Floyd demands to reclassify the charges against the ex-police officer

The family of black George Floyd, who was killed during the arrest by the police in Minneapolis, requires to reclassify charges to the detainee the police on more serious, the statement said family members, which is published representing their attorney Ben crump.

Chavan was accused under two articles — murder of the third degree, that is negligence. The article "murder in the first degree" roughly corresponds to Russian phrase "felony murder".

SIPRI: world military spending will be reduced because of the pandemic

World military spending in 2020-2021 years will be reduced by the background of the economic consequences of the pandemic coronavirus, the Director of the Stockholm international Institute for peace studies (SIPRI) Dan Smith.

"In 2019, the spending reached 1.9 trillion dollars, a record high level. Most likely, it will be a peak in the 2020-2021 year, you can expect to reduce costs. How sharp will the decline, it is difficult to predict right now. This will not only depend on economic factors associated with the crisis caused by the pandemic, but also from the long-term social and political choices, which will make the government. Unfortunately, there is no reason to expect that the choice can be made in favor of drastic spending cuts," said RIA Novosti Smith.

In some major US cities, riots broke out over the death of Floyd

Protests over the death of an African-American George Floyd in Minneapolis on Friday escalated into riots in several major U.S. cities, reports the associated Press.

Clashes of protesters with police, detention and acts of vandalism occurring in new York, Atlanta (GA), Albuquerque (new Mexico), Fontana, San Jose (California) and Houston (Texas).

In Venezuela, arrived 12 tons of humanitarian aid from UNICEF Germany

Twelve tons of humanitarian aid UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) arrived on Friday in Venezuela from Germany, announced Venezuelan Deputy foreign Minister for multilateral Affairs Alexander yañez.

"This shipment that we received today, allows us to bring several things, first, that through dialogue, diplomacy and cooperation can achieve successful agreements for the Venezuelan people, the international community knows that there are political differences between the government of Germany and the government of Venezuela," said yáñez during transmission to result VTV. According to him, Venezuela and Germany show that with the help of "coordination, respect for law and recognition of national institutions to achieve all-round cooperation".

In China have identified 8 new cases COVID-19

China over the past day have revealed four new cases of infection with coronavirus, also reported four asymptomatic carrier, recovered 11 patients, no one died, the message of the state Committee on questions of health of China.

Specifies that all newly identified cases of import, one registered in Shanghai, one in Guangdong province and two in Shandong province.

Costa Rica has extended closures until June 30

The head of the Ministry of health of Costa Rica reported that the ban on crossing the country's borders for foreigners has been extended until the end of June in order to fight the epidemic COVID-19.

"The validity of the restrictive measures at the borders officially extended until June 30," said health Minister Daniel Salas, quoted by the newspaper Costa Rica Hoy.

In Belgium decided to open restaurants and cafes

The Belgian authorities have published requirements for restaurants and cafes wishing to open in the near future in the framework of gradual mitigation of the isolation, reported local TV channel RTBF.

In particular, all food service establishments will have to close no later than midnight. "At a later time more difficult to monitor compliance with the measures," - said the Minister of economy of Belgium Natalie Mull.

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